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August 2, 2012


Versatile and precise without compromise. Customer-specific configuration. Compact, convenient, and easy to handle. All that is FOBA G3: The small but mighty laser material processing machine for high-precision deep engravings and brilliant laser markings on small workpieces.

FOBA G3 excels wherever absolute marking and reproduction accuracy are demanded: from the marking of small plastic and metal parts to the engraving of filigree 2D/3D textures and patterns on 3D surfaces. This predestines FOBA G3 for varied laser marking and engraving applications in the medical technology industry and fine engraving sector as well as for numerous applications in the metal, tool and mold production.

  • (Inside ring) marking, engraving (2D, 3D), surface finishing: Medical instruments and equipment, implants; premium watches and high-quality jewelry, etc.
  • Absolutely accurate 2-in-1 laser workstation: Precise marking and engraving of small workpieces accomplished with patented camera system for the automatic recognition of parts and alignment of all processing steps
  • Compact, convenient, easy to handle: Fits through standard doors, robust and premium design, ergonomic workstation for standing or seated work, intuitive operation
  • Modular + application-specific configuration: X/Y cross table and 2 station rotary table, up to five axes, vision systems IMP and Point & ShootTM, fully manual up to all-automatic configuration, etc.