Blog Post

August 2, 2012


With the new development of the ALW vario, ALPHA LASER is responding to the demand for more: more performance – more precision – more areas of application.

Just as up to now the ALW was used increasingly for repair and deposit welding on tools and molds, the new ALW meets the increased demands of industries and trades-people to carry out ambitious welding jobs on materials such as Aluminum, precious metals, Titanium and sensitive alloys. Such jobs are in increasing demand, and in such areas the advantages of ALPHA LASER’s new resonator concept become visible.

The new, stable steel construction of the ALW allows for high precision of the moveable mechanical parts, thus for extremely exact movement of the work-piece. We see the ALW as predestined for automatic applications. If several welds of the same type are to be carried out in series, then programming by means of the WINLaserNC software realizes exact repetition with simplicity. Also welding of complex geometry is made easy by the unique user-possibility to self-define the working plane.

The laser is in an enclosed laser secure casing which makes the ALW to a Laser Class 1 machine, making it possible to use in a normal production environment without additional safety measures.

We have placed great value, with the ALW, on creating a seated workstation with plenty of legroom, allowing the user to work in a relaxed and ergonomic position. This means that work can be carried out over longer periods of time without the user becoming tired, providing thus for full concentration on the welding task at hand.