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August 2, 2012


With the Y.0X00-fc Series Phoenix Laser Solutions introduces five new fiber laser markers for various applications.

FOBA’s compact and flexible fiber laser markers Y.0100-fc, Y.0200-fc, Y.0300-fc, Y.0301-fc and Y.0500-fc mark metals, plastics and other hard to mark materials and parts reliable, fast and efficient.

Various system versions allow individual configurations that can be adapted to the respective industrial application. All systems provide a new efficient control platform and can be operated with or without an attached PC.

The pulsed marking lasers are available in various power classes and pulse widths and are thus perfect for marking and engraving tools, instruments and all types of components. Preferred areas of application are in almost all metal and plastic processing industry sectors: from the electronics, automotive and automobile supply industries through the medical and safety technology to extrusion and the marking of phone cards.

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