Blog Post

June 17, 2015


Phoenix Laser Solutions is proud to announce that we are creating and maintaining a blog/news section of our website, which will provide our customers and partners with a better understanding of our capabilities and scope of work. (Continue reading here)

Phoenix Laser has 3 main branches of the business, and they are as follows:

1. Laser Welding: We operate 9 Alpha Laser welding systems, 3 of which are the most powerful on the market (500 Watt). These systems provide us the flexibility and reliability to weld anything from a small sub-inserts, to cavity blocks that weigh 20,000 pounds or more. Laser welding is the premier option for welding common and uncommon metals, aluminums, tool steels, and even certain copper applications.

2. Laser Engraving: Phoenix Laser employs 3 Foba Laser engravers capable of deep and even 3D engraving. These systems are useful for everything from large and small batch part marking to cavity identification and logos, all while providing crisp and precise engaving.

3. Engineering Services: Phoenix Technical, our sister company, provides repair and refurbishment engineering to some of the largest transportation companies in the world. Our engineers also maintain an inhouse Metallography Lab for research and development, as well as customer use.

We also offer a few complimentary services, which include waterjet cutting, production machining, and small grinding and machining applications for welding repair processes. See below for examples of welding and engraving.