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April 20, 2020

Case Study: Laser Welding for Labconco Corporation

Lanconco Corporation is a privately held company based out of Kansas City, Missouri that manufactures laboratory equipment for scientists around the world. Along with being a top tier medical/laboratory producer, they are also known for their welding expertise.

A majority of Labconco products have several welds that all play a valuable role in their function ability. That being said, when it comes to the highly visible weld joints that need to be both aesthetic and hermetic so no blood borne pathogens can contaminate the product, they turn to laser welding. Our Phoenix Laser Solutions facility in Blue Springs, MO has been selected to provide this service to Labconco.

Phoenix has been specializing in laser welding for over 20 years in the plastic injection and sheet metal industries. One of the biggest advantages of laser welding on sheet metal weldments is minimal heat input, compared to TIG and MIG welding. Not only is this important for distortion, it also generates little to no discoloration to the weld area. This can eliminate the need for any secondary refinishing processing that is known to be extremely costly and time consuming.We have recently added multiple fully CNC fiber lasers to our war chest, giving us exceptional advantages, including the ability to achieve full penetration on MTRLs with thicknesses up to 1/8.” Fiber lasers are also ideal for the medical industry because of the repeatability of the power source, versus YAG lasers that have consumables like flash lamps and mirrors that degrade over time. This is very important when serving customers like Labconco, who are held to the very strict quality requirements that come with being a manufacturing company in the medical industry.

The parts that we welded were used to make Logic+ Biosafety Cabinets (Class II, Type A2). These cabinets are designed to protect the user, product and lab. They are also being used to research COVID-19. A model of the cabinet is shown below, photo courtesy of Labconco Corporation. You can learn more about the product on their website.We’ve covered just a few reasons why laser welding has become the preferred process in the medical industry. If you’d like to see if laser welding is the right process for your medical product or instrument, feel free to reach out to Phoenix Laser Solutions on our homepage or call (814) 724-3666.

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