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July 1, 2020

Fusion Welding on 14-ton stainless steel

Alpha Lasers aren’t just used for small tooling components!

Phoenix Laser has recently performed fusion welding on a 14-ton stainless steel paper-pulp component, shown below.

By using two of our mobile Alpha Laser “AlFlak” systems, we were able to drive these lasers around the 30-foot assembly to seal weld over 4000 tubes into location, with a two-week turnaround. Laser welding was chosen because of its precise accuracy and speed, allowing us to fuse the tubes in place to create a liquid-tight seal, preventing corrosion from harsh chemicals. Laser welding is also a superior choice because of its minimal heat input, compared to TIG welding, which may have distorted the complex 300series stainless steel fabrication.

This is a great example of how mobile laser welding systems like the Alpha Laser AlFlak can be used for a project of virtually any shape or size.

Reach out to Phoenix Laser Solutions for your next welding application to see if laser welding is a solution for your project!

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