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Blog - August 2012


The newest and simplest laser welding technology for deposit application and contours.


With the new development of the ALW vario, ALPHA LASER is responding to the demand for more: more performance – more precision – more areas of application.

ALPHA LASER AL 50 with AL-Tmicro

ALPHA LASER has now realized a special concept for micro welding. A machine which, by its construction and with its special optics and optimized shielding gas, is specially designed to carry out the finest micro welding work.

2-in-1 Laser Workstation G3

Versatile and precise without compromise. Customer-specific configuration. Compact, convenient, and easy to handle. All that is FOBA G3: The small but mighty laser material processing machine for high-precision deep engravings and brilliant laser markings on small workpieces.

New fiber laser markers

With the Y.0X00-fc Series Phoenix Laser Solutions introduces five new fiber laser markers for various applications.

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