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AC 300 F

AC 300 F

The flexible cutting machine

Greatest possible flexibility in the smallest possible space.

Our combined laser for cutting and welding AC 200 can cut sheet metal of up to 3mm thickness and 500 x 450 mm dimensions, as well as carrying out other diverse welding tasks. The conversion is performed through the simple exchange of both processing heads, cutting/welding.

With the tiltable turntable (optional) cylindrical parts can be processed. Whether patterns in pipes or complex cuts on rings, as far as your fantasy goes, there are almost no limits to what you can do.

The optimized beam profile makes cutting widths as small as 0,06 mm possible, as well as very fine weldings.

The use of the automatic mode could not be simpler. Draw - convert - cut: data created within CAD is converted in a matter of minutes and cut directly. Ideal for prototypes. For series manufacturing an able fitting tool finds the best possible way to exploit the available material.

A choice of laser sources ranging from 50 W - 200 W is available, all integrated within the device casing, together with the laser cooling and the welding smoke extraction.

Area of use:

Besides development laboratories and component suppliers, the AC 200 is suitable for service providers in the areas of jewelery manufacturing, precision mechanics, electronics manufacturing, medical technology, vehicle industries and mechanical engineering.