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Laser Systems

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Compact with high-power performance

The AL-Series of devices can be put to universal use. They can be integrated in existing machining processes or, with suitable application fittings, be used for manual welding. For a particularly professional solution, they can be combined with our NC-guided Laser workbench AL-T.

For each desired operation we offer the required power class, ranging from 75 W to 300 W.

Our CPC technology (Constant Power Control) hinders over powerful pulsing at the beginning of operations and allows the laser energy to be bound more efficiently into the material.

An assortment of diverse optics helps localize the laser beam at the spot you want to have it. Whether it be a simple 90° beam deflection optical system, the unique turn-and-tilt optics, or our rotating optical system, there are many alternative and optional solutions available for the AL:

  • micro-welding appliance for welding with spot diameters < 100 µm,

  • rotation-axis module for cylindrical welding seams,

  • automatic filler wire feeder LAFet,

  • work-piece clamp

  • camera system...

You choose - we deliver.


Fields of application:

The lasers of the AL series can be used, for example, for repair welding on tools and moulds, in the manufacture of medical-technical components and sensors, in precision technology, in sheet metal works, and for repairs in mechanical engineering.