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The precise workbench

The working tables AL-T are used in combination with the Laser AL. They make precise work possible without the limitations of a working chamber. Manually with joystick, semi-automatic with preset axis speed, or in fully automatic mode, the workpiece is moved precisely and completely on four axes (x, y, z with optional- r-axis).

With the WINLaserNC software (NC-4-axis control) you have the unique possibility to define the working plane - even if it deviates from the horizontal working plane - whilst remaining well-adjusted to the workpiece. This eases welding of pieces with complex geometry. If more than one welding of the same kind are to be done in sequence, an exact repetition of the process is made possible by means of pre-programming.

The new AL-TBasis is for use in situations in which very different types of workpiece are to be processed, if work-pieces have to be processed flexibly, and if programmed welding or high precision work are not necessary.

The resonator clamp can be rotated 360° and fixed in any position within the swivel range. The resonator can be moved lengthways along a rail system.

For all table sytems an optional 0° to 90° tiltable turntable is available for welding cylindrical workpieces.

Areas of use:

Due to their wide range of uses, we generally recommend the AL-T systems in combination with the Laser AL to companies providing welding services. With these systems it is possible to process small, large and long workpieces. You will find them particularly useful if your work involves repair-welding of tools or moulds, manufacture of medical components and sensors, precision technology, sheet metal works or repairs in mechanical engineering.