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The programmable and mobile one

If you happen to use this device on site, you will be remembered for a long time - not only because of the distinctive design of our new ALPHA LASER ALFlak (Flexible Laser for Deposit and Contour Welding), but in particular because of the outstanding new welding possibilities it offers.

The ingenious mechanical movement allows for comfort whilst working on large parts. Even in deep, difficult moulds, the slimline laser arm dips in to the spot to be reached. If it comes to long seams, the ALFlak shows its clear advantages: with its long axis range it can complete seams of up to 500 mm long without interruption, manually or with the aid of pre-programming.

Additional comfort is offered by the patented semi-automatic User-Coordinated-Control, with which three-dimensional operational sequences are easily realized. Regardless of how the seams are to be situated - the mechanical movement system is quickly and comfortably set, allowing you to concentrate on the welding task at hand.

The high average power of up to 300 watts allows for filler wires to amalgamate homogenously with the base material. Filler wires in the millimeter range 0,8 - 1,2 are worked far more quickly.

The distinctive caterpillar track lends the ALFlak incredible maneuverability, despite its robust and solid construction. Two independent drive switches allow the device to be positioned to an accuracy of centimeters.

Areas of use:

The ALFlak is particularly useful for deposit and contour welding on large machine components, designer parts, die castings and forming tools.