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Laser Systems

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The compact multifunctional one

This compact laser device fulfills the requirements of laser class 1, since the welding process takes place in an enclosed working chamber. Thus the device can be set up in any workspace.

The movement system processes workpieces, up to 50 kg, at a high level of precision under the laser beam, either with joystick, situated within the workspace, or with the use of automatic motion. The large vertical motion range of the workbench also allows for welding on larger workpieces.

The simple-to-program WINLaserNC software for 4 axes makes fully automatic welding for production of small batches possible (optional).

The ergonomically optimized housing allows your arms and shoulders to remain relaxed, as well as offering plenty of legroom for comfort in the seat. Thus concentrated working without fatigue is possible, even when working for hours.

Areas of use:

The ALV is exceptionally useful, particularly in work involving medical technology, for manufacture of sensors, and for smaller workpieces in tool and mould manufacture.