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VL 50

VL 50

The small and powerful one

This tabletop laser-welding device VL 50 is extremely compact whilst still offering a roomy working chamber.

It delivers a considerable beam power of 50 Watts and has a regular and strong, yet soft welding behaviour.

A new resonator concept enlarges the range of the focus. This helps to avoid welding mistakes. Those new to laser welding will find this new joining technology a much easier point to start at.

Thanks to the well-thought-out positioning of the keyboard, display and joystick, together with the ergonomically designed housing, concentrated working is possible even for hours.

In medical technologies, for example in the manufacture of stents, the making of very fine, tear and pore-free seams and spot weldings is greatly assisted, ensuring sterile surfaces.

Sensor manufactureres need to join finest thermo couples.

For these special applications the VL 50 can be equipped with options such as:

- An aperture which allows to reduce the Spot diameter of the laser beam to 0,05 – 1 mm

- A cross-hair synchro-adapter

- A 55x magnification of a good and relaxed observation of the welding process

Areas of use:

The VL 50 is used for manufacture and repair of dental prostheses and jewellery, for welding of precision mechanical parts, medical-technical components and sensors, but also for application of deposit to small moulds.