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2.21.2013 Show Room

Phoenix Laser Solutions is now accepting appointments for live demonstrations on their state of the art Alpha Laser Welders, and Foba laser engraving systems.

If you would like to tour our showroom please contact Blair Learn to setup an appointment.


Phoenix Laser Solutions

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8.2.2012 ALPHA LASER ALFlak

The newest and simplest laser welding technology for deposit application and contours.

The new ALPHA LASER system ALFlak (Flexible Laser for Deposit and Contour Welding) is used in tasks requiring laser welding at deep, hard-to-reach spots.

The ALFlak offers a large reach and a newly-developed motor-movement-system, with a long axis range and higher driving speed. It can complete seams of up to 500 mm long without interruption. The manually adjustable axes allow you to set the laser beam quickly and with great flexibility to any desired welding position. The device is available in two variations: the stationary system, suitable for all tasks that can be brought to the laser, whilst the mobile system is fitted with a caterpillar drive, allowing the ALFlak to be brought to the work piece and positioned to an accuracy of centimeters, ready for the task at hand. Laser sources are available in power ranges of up 300 Watts.

The new triangular base form offers a very high degree of static stability, so that the extend able arm can even carry out welding deep inside big molds. The internal control converts the movement of the tilted axes, so that the user can move the laser in the accustomed Cartesian coordinates (x, y and z). Additional comfort is provided by the patented, semi-automatic user-coordinate-control, with which three-dimensional movements can easily be realized. No matter where the spot to be welded is situated, the motion system can be synchronized on it, thus allowing the user to fully concentrate on his work

8.2.2012 ALPHA LASER ALW 200/300

With the new development of the ALW vario, ALPHA LASER is responding to the demand for more: more performance – more precision – more areas of application.

Just as up to now the ALW was used increasingly for repair and deposit welding on tools and molds, the new ALW meets the increased demands of industries and trades-people to carry out ambitious welding jobs on materials such as Aluminum, precious metals, Titanium and sensitive alloys. Such jobs are in increasing demand, and in such areas the advantages of ALPHA LASER's new resonator concept become visible.

The new, stable steel construction of the ALW allows for high precision of the moveable mechanical parts, thus for extremely exact movement of the work-piece. We see the ALW as predestined for automatic applications. If several welds of the same type are to be carried out in series, then programming by means of the WINLaserNC software realizes exact repetition with simplicity. Also welding of complex geometry is made easy by the unique user-possibility to self-define the working plane.

The laser is in an enclosed laser secure casing which makes the ALW to a Laser Class 1 machine, making it possible to use in a normal production environment without additional safety measures.

We have placed great value, with the ALW, on creating a seated workstation with plenty of legroom, allowing the user to work in a relaxed and ergonomic position. This means that work can be carried out over longer periods of time without the user becoming tired, providing thus for full concentration on the welding task at hand.


8.2.2012 ALPHA LASER AL 50 with AL-Tmicro

ALPHA LASER has now realized a special concept for micro welding. A machine which, by its construction and with its special optics and optimized shielding gas, is specially designed to carry out the finest micro welding work.

The Laser AL 50 uses a pulsed Nd:YAG-Laser with a pulsing energy of up to 50 J and a pulse peak performance of 5 kW and is ideal for challenging tasks such as joint welding of thermal elements, front face welding work and mantle-surface welding work on sensor casings.

The laser spot diameter of the laser beam has a setting range of 0.05 – 1 mm, ensuring that the workpiece material is only melted in very locally-defined areas during the joining process. The thermal stress is minimal, so the material is not distorted. The high frequency of up to 50 Hz offers a welding behavior similar to CW welding

A good observation of the welding process is ensured with the 55x magnification.

In line with the AL 50, ALPHA LASER offers a workbench, the AL-Tmicro, fitted with a Z-column on which automatic motion is performed. On the base plate, measuring 60 x 60 cm, there are two Y-linear rails with carriages, on which diverse applications can be affixed and used with high-precision. Both a programmable rotary axis and a micro¬manipulator are available for mounting of workpieces. Both systems support precise fixture and movement of workpieces, providing thus an important pre-requisite for seam work on very small components. A cut-out in the base plate allows for easy feeding of longer workpieces


8.2.2012 FOBA MarkUS: Intuitive Laser Marking Software


MarkUSTM is FOBA‘s intuitive graphic design and high-performance laser control software for the convenient creation of high quality and highly precise laser markings. MarkUSTM is compatible with the majority of FOBA’s laser marking systems and machines, and is available in English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanes and Chinese.

With MarkUSTM customers not only create great marks; they especially benefit from a range of advantageous features including:

  • Intuitive graphic design tools and excellent layout functionalities for lean and efficient workflows
  • Various marking contents and formats for ultimate flexibility
    Built-in grayscale image support for the convenient creation of astonishing grayscale markings
  • Innovative vision alignment systems IMP and Point & ShootTM for precision and repeatability
  • Remote control options for increased automation and productivity (TCP/IP, serial communication, Profibus)

Five at one sweep: Support and control of up to 5 axes including a swivel axis and a rotary axis