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Laser Welding

Laser Welding technology is at the forefront of today's metal repair processes.

Laser Welding

Pulsed Laser Welding is revolutionizing the world of repair and metal addition. 

Phoenix Laser Solutions has mastered this process proven for restoring worn edges, blemished molding surfaces (textured/polished), EDM pitting, and other common manufacturing errors and revisions. Born from the repair needs of a large Tool & Die shop, our three generations of industry experience afford us an intimate understanding of these needs, enabling us to serve a large, diverse customer base. 

Our stable of laser welding equipment makes us the largest pulsed laser welding repair facility in North America. Our equipment and ingenuity have made Phoenix Laser the premier facility for repairs, as well as researching new uses and processes involving lasers. We have positioned ourselves to leverage our technology and research to provide tailored solutions to all industries. 

Advantages of our laser welding process include:

  • Zero to minimal distortion
  • Zero to minimal sink/underfill
  • Precise weld application
  • Possible color match
  • Undetectable welds
  • Less pre/post-processing required
  • No pre/post-heat required
  • Minimal HAZ
  • Refined microstructure
  • Joining of dissimilar metal
  • Minimal base metal dilution
  • Improved hardness
  • Weld "unweldable" alloys
  • Automation capable